First off, we love photography. Good photos capture the image. Great photos capture the emotion. My wife Liz and I started Forever focused Photography in Kansas City. We have shot many weddings, engagements, family and senior portraits, and everything else that catches our eye.

     When I first started shooting weddings, I worked with several amazing photographers, and learned a ton. One of the major lessons was that wedding photography is fast paced, requiring endurance, patience and planning. Our philosophy is do everything we can to reduce the stress of our brides, grooms and families by being prepared, on time, and having a plan & the equipment that can help execute it.

     Another major lesson I learned while working with other photographers, is that wedding timelines, regardless of the many months of planning, rarely go like clockwork. But that is OK. It is the bride and grooms day. Families and friends will follow along with new timelines provided at a moments notice, and so should the photographers. I have seen other photographers approach brides during a reception, and ask them if they would like to add additional hours to the contract since the timeline was extended. And this was before the cake cutting or the bouquet toss. Talk about adding stress!

     When you hire us, you have us the the whole day. We will get there when you start getting ready, and will stay until you kick us out at the end of the night. And why not! We are having fun too!

     We love destination weddings, and will gladly arrange to be wherever your wedding is taking place whether it is in McCall or Sun Valley, or Paris or London!

     We hope that you like our work and see the emotions in our photographs. Please let us know about your next event, and we would love to sit down and hear all about it.



Jeffrey D. Hobson

[email protected]